Owners call for action after pet kangaroo is strangled and killed

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Posted at 5:20 PM, Dec 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-23 19:35:55-05

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn (WTVF) — A Sumner County family is mourning the loss of one of their pet kangaroos after they say the animal was killed.

The Lea family wants those responsible for his death to be held accountable, so it doesn't happen to them again or anyone else.

Chris Lea is still shaken up about the situation when he says he came home Wednesday to learn his neighbor killed one of his pet kangaroos, name Carter.

Sumner County Sheriff's Office and animal control responded to a call where two people were in a battle with a male kangaroo.

The sheriff's office said the neighbors saw the kangaroo outside its normal area but still within the owner's property — contained.

"He called us and said, 'Hey, this kangaroo you need to keep your MFing animals contained', which they're contained. You're not contained you're on my property. And the whole time on he's on the phone with me, 'I'm strangling this MFer,'" said Lea.

The neighbors called Lea and his wife to let them know and offer to help bring the animal back into his pin.

But Lea told them to leave the kangaroo alone and they'll be home soon. The neighbors called again saying the animal was now attacking them.

"This kangaroo's so deadly but you're holding it down with one hand while you're talking to my wife like trash," said Lea.

The sheriff's office said the neighbors went to the confined area where one was assaulted by the kangaroo causing her husband to respond to help her.

Lea says this is when his neighbor tackled the animal and strangled it to death.

"To have somebody just trespass after they were told I'm headed home, and strangled murder basically a 60 pound kangaroo," Lea said, "And nothing, nothing. Nothing done about it, so it's really, I'm really disappointed."

The family wants their neighbors to be held responsible for Carter's death.

"I would like you know, something to be done about this situation I'd like I mean, I can't bring Carter back but I'd like to get some restitution from it," Lea said, "And I'd like to add more than I'm not worried about money. I'm more worried about him paying for his actions."

The sheriff's office said the neighbors received scratches that were treated on scene. No serious injuries resulted from this kangaroo assault and no charges were filed.