Parents Attend Public Meeting About Metro Teacher Arrest

Posted at 8:00 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-22 00:16:27-04

Parents of Metro Schools students at Napier Elementary School and Antioch High School met with school officials on Wednesday about the recent arrest of Jarrett Jones, a teacher accused of having more than 50 explicit videos and more than 1,000 images of children, including his previous students at Napier Elementary.

"I still don't know anything other than she was on the video we are not allowed to see the video," one parent said of her daughter from Napier Elementary School, where Jones used to work.

Jones was placed on administrative leave from his job at Antioch High School on September 9, and then later arrested, after detectives discovered child porn on his computer.

Some of the videos were saved under his student's names.Parents said they were being left out of the loop by the school, most of the information they were getting was coming from police. We asked Metro Schools Spokesperson Joe Bass why some parents were not notified.

"I don't know about this individual parent but if parents do have trouble receiving call outs we do send letters home. They might have outdated contact information. That may be the case that might not be. I'm not sure," said Bass.

Bass also said according to state law, parents do not have to be notified before their child is interviewed in an investigation. Parents still searching for answers, to questions they never imagined they'd have to ask.

A second community meeting was held for parents in Antioch where Jones was currently teaching.

The meetings at both Napier Elementary and Antioch High included a panel of 6 people including Tammy Meade, assistant district attorney, Dr. Tony Majors, executive principal Dr. Keiva Wiley, head of high school Dr. Aimee Wyatt, Shelby Nace of the Children's Alliance, and head of school counseling, Dr. Nicole Cobb. 

During the meetings, members of the panel explained the investigation process and answered questions from parents. 

The investigation into Jones is still ongoing and more charges could be field.