Maury Co. Substitute Teachers Face Paycheck Problems

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 28, 2016

News Channel 5 was contacted by sources claiming substitute teachers have not been paid in Maury County since the beginning of the year back in August.

School administrators initially said there were no problems and subs have been getting paid every month since since the start of school. However, they later confirmed that there have been some issues with the new software system that's used to pay employees.

The first paychecks to go out to substitutes were on Sept., 9 with subs getting paid once a month. 

Spokesperson for the school district, Kim Doddridge, released the following statement:

"The first substitute teacher paycheck to go out with our new system was Sept. 9. Early on in our working with the new system of employee pay (Aug/Sept), we did experience a few issues with substitute teacher paychecks not being accurate. Dr. Alice Burkins, our Director of Finance, reports to me that fewer than 10 were not accurate and the day her department was made aware of the inaccuracy, (by the sub) it was corrected that same day for that substitute teacher."

This month, the paychecks were sent out on Oct., 6  with five errors reported. We're told as of this time any outstanding balances regarding substitute pay have been corrected.

Substitutes can make anywhere from $58 to $80 per day depending on certification.