Petition Created To Arrest White Nationalist Involved In Brawl

BRENTWOOD, Ten - Community activists and faith leaders have called on the Metro Nashville Police Chief with a petition to arrest a prominent white nationalist, who was caught on camera fighting at a local bar.

The video began circulating online Saturday night, after a large group of people entered a Brentwood bar and began harassing an interracial couple. Violence erupted outside of the bar, leaving one woman bloody.

Since then, grassroots organizers have pushed for Metro Nashville Police to arrest Matthew Heimbach, the well known white nationalist seen in the video.

"Five days later these white supremacists who rallied in Shelyville and then came here and engaged in acts of violence have not been brought to justice. What's to stop them from doing it again? What's to stop them from feeling empowered and continue harassing minority and vulnerable groups," said Justin Jones.

A Metro police spokesperson said the department does not make arrests based on petitions but based on investigations. Police said they'd be meeting with the District Attorney's office on the matter early next week.

grassroots organizers planned to deliver the petition to Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson on Friday.

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