Police: New Video Shows No Initial Contact Between Officer, Suspect

Posted: 12:02 PM, Feb 14, 2017
Updated: 2017-02-14 17:14:09-05

Newly released surveillance video indicates there was no initial physical confrontation moments before a fatal officer-involved shooting in Nashville, police said.  

Officials with Metro Nashville Police said the video was just made available on Tuesday due to a broken MDHA server that needed to be repaired. 

Jacques Clemmons was shot and killed Friday by Officer Joshua Lippert after a traffic stop. Police said Clemmons was armed at the time. 

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Police said the newly obtained video shows Clemmons run toward Lippert in an effort to go around him but stopped just short of him. 

At that point, Clemmons reportedly turned around and ran in the other direction. 

Another camera angle released Friday created the impression of contact between Clemmons and Lippert right after they got out of their vehicles, police said.

“As part of the full and accountable investigation into this matter, it is important that the community know of this new development,” Chief Steve Anderson said. “The investigation is active and progressing. We are engaging with the FBI. Citizens have my assurance that the investigation will be fair, objective and complete.”

When interviewed Friday, investigators said Lippert did not assert that he was physically contacted by Clemmons just after he got out of the police car. According to police, that interview occurred before he had the opportunity to see any video.  

The NAACP and ACLU have both called for a full investigation into the incident.

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