Police Take Inventory Of Drugs Seized At Bonnaroo

Posted at 7:27 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 20:51:06-04

Manchester police has taken an inventory of all the drugs they confiscated at the 2016 Bonnaroo music festival and some of what they found may come as a surprise.

Each year, undercover officers at Bonnoroo find everything from cocaine to marijuana, but 2016 took on a just as criminal but a more tasty path to drugs.

This week, the Manchester Police Department took inventory on what was seized at the festival.

"They are just made on site. They are selling typical marijuana brownies. Here's the main ingrediant," said Manchester Police Chief Yogi Yother.

Yes, Bonnaroo is a music festival not a seminar for the culinary arts, but chief Yother said such illegal baked goods come with the music each year.

"There's people that come just to sell drugs and that's who we look for," said Chief Yother.

During the 2016 festival, his officers issued 40 citations and made only six arrests, but they confiscated a lot of drugs.

Officers confiscated marijuana, mushrooms, pills, Molly or Ecstacy and quite a bit of LSD. Some came on blotter sheets.

"Each square they cut and sell the square or sell a strip of squares," said Chief Yother.

That's typical, but this was new -- bags of Teddy Grahams dosed with LSD.

"They had them on the table and droppers dropping hits of acid on each Teddy Graham," said Chief Yother.

He said his officers worked undercover, and also confiscated thousands in cash.

Chief Yother said the majority of those at Bonnaroo are just there for music, but the few who go only to sell drugs end up with a date in court.

All the drugs confiscated will be held in evidence for use in court and then destroyed. The chief  emphasized the vast majority of those who attend Bonnaroo are just there to enjoy the music.

His officers simply try to target those who show up with the sole intention of selling drugs.