Police Warn About 'LetGo' Cell Phone Buying Scam

Posted at 2:01 PM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 20:06:05-04

Officials with the Clarksville Police Department have been warning the public to protect themselves when selling items through apps.

Reports stated several incidents have involved people being ripped off by strangers they meet after using the LetGo app to advertise and sell their cell phones.

Authorities said two more victims were added to that list on Thursday. In almost all cases, the seller has met with a stranger who agreed to buy the phone, but when they get to the agreed upon meeting location, the buyer has asked to inspect the phone.

Instead, the alleged buyer has been immediately running away with the phone when it's handed over.

Police added the LetGo app has been used successfully by millions, but they wanted to get the warning out to sellers to take precautions, be aware, and don’t become a victim.