Police Warn Of 'Cheating Husband Scam'

Posted at 9:36 PM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-14 23:54:02-05

Metro Nashville Police Officials warned the public of the "cheating husband scam," which is an online scam that has gone underreported in Middle Tennessee.

The faceless criminals send out thousands of emails to men, saying they will expose their cheating ways with a simple email; it's subject line - "We know you're cheating on your wife."

Captain Jason Reinbold said those criminals know that if they cast their net wide enough they will at some point be emailing someone who is cheating.

"If they were a cheating husband, they would probably comply with the instructions or be in fear of being exposed," said Reinbold.

Captain Reinbold said this is part of a new wave of cyber crimes hitting Nashville. Some officials use the metaphor of an iceberg. Below the surface, is the true value of these crimes that people don't want to report.

"The problem we have is the inability to analyze the crime because it's unreported or undetectable ... If they're not a cheating husband they'll be the ones calling us, reporting that crime" he said.

Cheating or not, Captain Reinbold just said he wants people, to keep their guard up.

Because it is so underreported, officials aren't sure exactly how many people have fallen victim to the cheating husband scam.