Democratic Party Hosts Jackson Day Celebration

Posted at 10:34 PM, May 07, 2016

Those with the Tennessee Democratic Party held their Jackson Day Celebration dinner at Music City Center.

The event has been their biggest fundraiser of the year.

Current Nashville Mayor Megan Barry gave the welcome address and former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean was one of the dinner's keynote speakers.

Democrats from all over the state came together to celebrate the work of the party throughout the year and to celebrate former Tennessean and President Andrew Jackson.

“He was the father of the Democratic Party,” said Mary Manzini, Democratic Party Chair. “He did say, you know, common people have a say or should have a say in their government, and those are the values that the Democratic Party are built on.”

In regards to the current presidential campaign, Manzini said the party has been happy with the slate of candidates on the Democratic side and will support whoever wins the nomination.