Politifact Checks GOP Debate In Iowa

Posted at 7:28 AM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 08:28:40-05

Donald Trump, sitting out the debate, kicked off the discussion.

While Trump is famous for cutting down his fellow candidates, Ted Cruz told the crowd Thursday night he chooses the high road when trading jabs.

"Let me be clear,” Cruz said. “If Donald engages in insults or anybody else, I don't intend to reciprocate. I have not insulted Donald personally, and I don't intend to."

Cruz is mostly false according to our Politifact analysts.

He and Trump shared a warm relationship not too long ago and what qualifies as an "insult" is subjective, but Cruz has certainly mocked Trump more recently.
In fact, at the beginning of Thursday night's debate, he made light of Trump's habit of insulting his fellow candidates.

Cruz called them all stupid, fat, and ugly, and himself: a maniac!

Terrorism threats to the U.S. turned from Islamic extremists abroad to attacks here at home, specifically the San Bernardino shooting in December.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asked about the hesitation of the shooter's neighbors to report suspicious activity.

“The neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters ‘knew that they were talking about trying to take our country and attack it,’” Christie said.

Our panel of fact-checkers found Christie jumbled the details, rating his statement false.
Looking back at reports, there was no mention of a neighbor becoming suspicious of the shooters, let alone a neighbor who thought an attack was being planned.
The most reported was a neighbor of a neighbor of one of the shooter's mothers who told police there was suspicious activity prior to the shooting.