Preparing for the next step in your career

Experts say not to fear the unknown
Job Resignations
Posted at 4:44 AM, Feb 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-21 10:01:41-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The last two years have been turbulent for so many. It's leading many to reconsider their priorities.

Statistics show a rise in unhappiness and experts say some of that stems from misunderstanding "purpose." Those experts insist for most, it's usually work.

Of course, lots of people shifted what they're looking for in a career during this Covid-19 pandemic. So, if you're considering a career change but aren't sure where to start, Business Coach Jason Drees is hoping to help with your mindset.

Drees works with clients who are seeking the elimination of self-doubt and the implementation of sure-fire self-belief. Drees says it starts with changing your expectations and opening yourself up to exploration.

"One of the most powerful processes for a human is to really start to understand the difference between their thinking and their knowing." Drees acknowledges lots of people are accepting of where they are because they feel like they don't know how to make a change, but says that doesn't mean you can't.

"You do know what the recurring thought that never goes away is... the one that continues to come up? That's usually your intuition," Drees adds.

He also suggests there's a line between hard work, toughing it out, and balance...and people need some self-reflection and honesty to figure out what they truly want.

"What I found is that when people start to go in new directions and start to follow what's exciting to them and something more rewarding to them, the direction they want to follow is their knowing and not their thinking," Drees concludes.

All of that being said, these are big, sometimes life-altering decisions, so Drees advises to not take it lightly. Start the journey of following your passion first, before suddenly quitting your current job, fully understanding it's important to have the support of your family, and there may be initial sacrifices like a salary cut, or new expectations, if you switch careers.