Presidential Campaigns Move Into Nashville

Posted at 9:26 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 23:28:58-05

With 19 days left to go until Super Tuesday, the Presidential campaigns have moved into Nashville.

Thursday, Hillary Clinton's campaign celebrated the opening of their Nashville headquarters, ironically located on Clinton Street, near Marathon Village. 

Several young voters were on hand to celebrate the opening, including Danny Harp, who has been waiting for years to vote.

"I've wanted to vote for a long time," Harp said. "I worked on campaigns for three years even before I was able to vote."

The race for the White House has heating up for months. With candidates slowly beginning to drop out, following poor performances in Iowa and New Hampshire, experts said this race will be one to remember.

"It's about as crazy of an election i can remember in my lifetime," News Channel 5's Political Analyst Pat Nolan said.

To take advantage of that, nearly 20,000 voters have chosen to take part in early voting. It began Wednesday and more locations will open up for early voting on Friday. 

Officials said they are looking forward to seeing the excitement continue into Tennessee's primary.

"The energy that's with this election cycle, that's very evident now, very apparent, so we can only imagine what that's going to translate to come March 1st," said Adam Ghassemi, Director of Communications for the Tennessee Secretary of State's Office.

The Volunteer State's primary will be on what's known as Super Tuesday. A total of 13 states will hold either a primary or a caucus that day.

"I  think Tennessee will play a bigger role than it has in the past," Nolan said. "Whether it's going to be decisive on March 1 remains to be seen."

The Tennessee Secretary of State's office recommends downloading GoVoteTN, it's a smart-phone app that lets users view a ballot and locate their polling place. 

To download the app, click here.