Prohibiting biological males from participating in girls’ sports among laws going into effect July 1

Posted at 10:43 AM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-27 11:43:13-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A number of laws impacting Tennessee public schools will be going into effect by the end of this week.

Among these includes bills addressing staffing challenges, protecting children from inappropriate content and prohibiting biological males from participating in girls’ sports.

One of the bills removes barriers for retired members of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System to be reemployed as a K-12 teacher, K-12 substitute teacher, or a K-12 bus driver without losing their TCRS benefits.

Currently these retired members may return to work, but only for a maximum 120 days. Under the new bill, the limit is extended to allow them to return for up to one year while maintaining their retirement benefits.

On July 1, a bill will be enacted that enforces legislation passed last year which prohibits biological males from participating in girls’ sports in public K-12 education institutions.

This new law requires the Department of Education to withhold a portion of state funds from public schools that allow biological males to compete in girls’ sports.

Another new law starting July 1, will ensure that vendors providing internet services with the schools take steps to block any inappropriate content on school computers.

Other bills impacting Tennessee public schools include: establishing a 10 point grading scale, expanding human trafficking training in schools and revising teacher evaluation criteria.