Proposal Would Drastically Change Greer Stadium

Posted at 7:20 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 01:30:04-04

A proposal brought forward to the city of Nashville would drastically change the area where Greer Stadium sits, changing from a vacant stadium to a place where people would be able to live, work, and play.

The first proposal released to the public is for a project called "Adventure Park." 

Metro has received five separate proposals, but they are all being held as confidential by the city unless released by the groups proposing the projects.

On Tuesday, News Channel5 spoke to Devinder Sandhu, who originally came up with the idea for Adventure Park and has been working with others to hopefully make his dream a reality. 

"We want people to not only have an adventure at Fort Negley and Adventure Science Center, but also in the park we're going to have here," Sandhu said. 

Included in the proposal is hundreds of residential units including senior living and affordable housing, a hotel, a farmers market, retail stores and restaurants, an event center. It would aslo include a sportsplex that would allow people to play sports like soccer indoors, as well as plenty of green space to keep the feel of the surrounding area.

The project would all be done with Greer Stadium at the center.

"I am an engineer, and when I look at a structure like this, I see the bones are in great shape," Sandhu said of Greer Stadium. 

Sandhu said while he knows there are multiple proposals being reviewed by the city, he knows Adventure Park would be a positive project for the city.

"Something like this of this magnitude really brings life to the city," Sandhu said. 

The project would also take a new approach to public transportation in hopes of connecting Adventure Park to the city through a special monorail system that would bypass traffic. 

Sandhu said the mode of transportation can be considered a pod, holding approximately four people on a monorail system similar. "You can actually call a pod, it will come pick you up at the station and zoom you wherever you want to go." 

The project would be completed in phases if approved, but the hope is every step of the way, the new neighborhood would compliment the community and add something that's been missing. 

"If we're chosen, we want to get the community involved and say, here's what we envision, help us fine tune it," Sandhu said.

The mayor's office said there is no timeline for when a decision could be made on the proposals for Greer Stadium.