Protesters demand House Speaker Casada's immediate resignation

Posted at 2:54 PM, Jun 07, 2019

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — About 30 protesters met at Franklin Square Friday morning to protest embattled state house speaker Glen Casada.

The protesters are demanding Casada step down immediately from his position as speaker and as a state representative for Williamson County. They unveiled a large sign that said “Resign Casada”.

The protesters said they chose Franklin Square because it is the center of the county and many of Casada’s constituents will see their sign.

"In what job in the real world do you get to have a vote of no confidence in your leadership abilities and you get to stay and dictate when you get to leave? I don't think so. So, he needs to go," said Missy Horesh, a Williamson County resident.

The event was put on by Enough is Enough Tennessee and Indivisible Tennessee. However, organizers said it was not a political gathering and they do not represent either republicans or democrats for the protest.

Thursday morning, representative Mike Carter tweeted a statement about Speak Casada's announcement that he would resign on August 2.

Carter said his fears that Casada would not resign in a timely manner were founded and he believes Casada is trying to influence who is elected as the next speaker.