Public Forum Held On Dockless Scooters In Nashville

Posted at 7:34 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 20:34:40-04

Dockless Scooter company officials and several council members heard from the public this afternoon regarding the future of the scooter companies in Nashville. 

Wednesday night's public forum was held at the Nashville Public Library. It was hosted by Councilman Freddie O'Connell and the Nashville Downtown Partnership with the main goal of getting feedback from the public on dockless scooters. 

Several weeks ago Metro confiscated about 400 Bird scooters after they began to appear all over Nashville. The company then removed all the scooters from the streets, saying they will wait to launch the program until metro comes up with ways to regulate them. 

At Metro Council's last meeting, a second reading on that ordinance was deferred so public forums like the one tonight could happen.

People brought up things like data sharing between the scooter companies and the city as well as enforcement issues.

One resident said Nashville is not ready to have these dock less scooters on the streets until the city can enforce how folks use them. Company officials say its important to have a partnership with the city. 

The second reading of this dockless scooter ordinance will go before Metro Council again on July 17.

If it passes, the third reading would be in early August with permits being issued in mid-August.