Puckett's Holds Fundraiser For Murfreesboro Businesses

Posted at 10:12 PM, Oct 29, 2017

Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant in Murfreesboro was just one of the businesses forced to close due to a scheduled White Lives Matter rally that was canceled at the last minute.

While the stage was empty at Puckett's on Saturday night, music once again filled the air on Sunday while also helping a great cause.

The community has been rallying around local businesses, especially those that had to close and board up their windows as a precaution due to the rally that was later canceled.

Murfreesboro Loves is a community event that began in response to the rally. The fundraiser held at Puckett’s on Sunday was just another positive event that some said came out of a negative situation.

Three bands performed as people ate and danced for a good cause.

Those with the fundraiser said ten percent of Sunday night's funds will go toward helping those businesses that lost money.

Some of those in attendance said the fact the White Lives Matter protesters canceled their rally showed a great testament of many of the residents in Murfreesboro.

“There were people all over town who were on the path in from Shelbyville, out from Shelbyville Pike, waiting for them to come in, and stood out and braved the cold,” said Toi Scott. “I think it's a great win for Murfreesboro. So many people showed up and spoke out in love, and they decided to cancel. It’s wonderful.”

There was a strong turnout for the fundraiser. The final amount was still being tallied, but organizers said it was a success.