Race to fill Marsha Blackburn's seat enters final hours

Posted at 7:57 PM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 21:00:22-05

The two men vying to fill a Congressional seat being vacated by Marsha Blackburn spent the final hours of their campaigns on Monday making a final push to voters ahead of Election Day.

Dr. Mark Green, a Republican and Justin Kanew, a Democrat have both spent the last 16 months criss-crossing District 7 trying to appeal to voters.

Dr. Green is a seasoned politician, he was first elected to the State Senate in 2012. Kanew is more of an outsider, better known for his two appearances on the CBS Shoe "Amazing Race."

"This country has been splitting apart at the seems, we need people who will step in and be bridge builders and keep it together," Kanew said following a meet and great with auto workers in Spring Hill on Monday.

"I want to take some of our thinking to Washington, it's not just go up there and make them think like us, it's go up there and work with people," Dr. Green said inside his Clarksville campaign headquarters.

Republicans have held this seat for the last 16 years, it's a diverse district that covers 19 counties.