'Rent The Chicken' Brings Farm-Fresh Eggs To City Dwellers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Listen up, egg lovers! This Summer you can eat farm-fresh eggs every day without ever leaving the city. If you'd like a taste of farm-fresh living without the commitment, Rent The Chicken says they've got you covered.

"We rent you a chicken, the coop, all the feed, all the supplies. Everything you need," said Raylee Holladay, with Rent The Chicken Middle Tennessee. 

The company has farmers like Holladay in more than 60 locations in the United States and Canada.

The rental coops come in two sizes, depending on how many eggs you're looking for daily. Holladay said it's a great way to teach kids to care for living creatures.

And the best part, after the five to six month rental is over, your chickens will be picked-up in October, long before it gets cold. 

"Normal people have a little taste of farm life," she said. 

Chicken rentals are available for pick-up in April and May. To rent your own chickens click here

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