Details Released Of Reinking's Arrest In 2017 Near White House In DC

Posted at 5:43 PM, Apr 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-22 23:57:04-04

More details have been released surrounding the arrest near the White House involving Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking.

The 29-year-old man has been accused of opening fire inside the restaurant in Antioch Sunday morning, killing four people and injuring several others.

Reinking was reportedly naked when he was wrestled by a restaurant patron and managed to escape the scene. 

An arrest report from the Metro Police Department in Washington D.C. stated that on July 7, 2017, Reinking approached an officer at the pedestrian entrance and wanted to speak with President Donald Trump.

He was told how he can obtain a tour and was asked to move from blocking the pedestrian entrance.

Reinking reportedly asked to speak with the president again and said "he was a sovereign citizen and has a right to inspect the grounds."

He allegedly began to take his tie off, balled it into his fist, and began approaching the officer, walking past the security barriers stating, "Do what you need to do. Arrest me if you have to."

He was later arrested by the U.S. Secret Service for Unlawful Entry. 

Don Aaron of the Metro Nashville Police Department said he was interviewed by Tazewell County, Illinois officials and the FBI before his firearms authorization was revoked soon after. 

Four weapons were seized in August which included the AR-15 used in the deadly shooting.

Aaron stated that the father of Reinking acknowledge to giving the firearms back to him.

In a press conference following the shooting, Tazewell County Sheriff Robert Huston said he does not have personal knowledge of how Reinking had possession of the firearms again. 

"He was not legal under Illinois law to possess the firearms," said Huston. "The father was present and had a valid card and had the legal right to take custody of the guns, so he was allowed to do that after he assured deputies he would keep them secure and away from Travis."

Deputies were apparently at J&J Cranes on Sunday because that is where the guns were confiscated on August 24. It is believed to be the location of the Reinkings' family business.

His father could be under investigation, according to the sheriff.

"Right now we have no information he's headed back this way, but it is a distinct possibility," said the sheriff in Illinois.