Reported Suspicious Activity Prompts Lebanon PD To Send Reminder

Posted at 8:18 PM, Feb 08, 2017

Officials with the Lebanon Police Department are reminding residents to call them in situations that cause alarm or fear.

Coproral PJ Hardy told NewsChannel 5 the department had to send out a note on Facebook as a gentle reminder following a Facebook post about a suspicious activity. 

Heather Crouch posted on Facebook warning friends about a terrifying experience she said could have gotten her robbed or kidnapped. 

On Monday night, Crouch was loading groceries into her car but says a man pacing outside the Aldi on Circle Drive kept looking at her.

"I could see he kept looking over me. Something wasn't right," Crouch said.

However, Crouch said she became even more fearful when the man got on the phone she believes was talking to another person who pulled up in front of her.

"I was like 'they're talking to each other'," Crouch recalled. "They were so suspicious."

Crouch said she went to the other side of the car after the man walked towards her. She eventually ran back to the store to get some assistance.

"I'm on the other side and I could see him through my window standing by my door. It was literally me and darkness in the parking lot, " Crouch tearfully said on the phone. 

She eventually made it home and posted her experience on Facebook where it eventually reached the Lebanon Police Department. 

Cpl. Hardy said he would have liked to see the woman report it to them initially, not only so they could visit the area but keep others protected.

"Call us if there really was some type of ill intent. You could save the next person from being victimized," Cpl. Hardy said. "It's that prevention of other situations and prevention of other victims that we are on top of."

The post on Lebanon Police Department's Facebook page has been shared more than 200 times. They have added extra patrol in the area to look out for anything suspicious. 

Crouch admits she should have called police earlier but did eventually report it. 

An Aldi manager was not able to comment.