Republicans Eye Ron Ramsey Replacement

Posted at 6:26 PM, Mar 21, 2016

Senate Republican leaders spoke publicly for the first time about their plans to replace Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

The talks came Monday morning following his announcement last week that he would not run for reelection. 

In front of reporters, Senate Republican Majority Leader Mark Norris indicated his party has been eyeing Senator Randy McNally to replace Ron Ramsey as Lt. Governor and Speaker of the Senate.

"I want to make sure the caucus is comfortable with this and I think everybody respects Randy and understands why he wants to serve in a transition roll," Rep. Norris said.

The Republican from Collierville also said that he expects Ramsey's replacement to be elected for only two years instead of four. McNally, 72, is a front runner because he likely won't run for governor in 2018 once Governor Bill Haslam leaves office.

"It would probably be he (Sen. McNally) would serve longer than I would, if I were elected Lt. Governor. I don’t think it’s good to use these positions as stepping stones," he went on to say.

On Monday, Lt. Governor Ramsey also addressed the media for the first time since announcing he won't run for reelection, citing his family as his primary reason for steeping aside.

"I'm Looking forward to stepping back and working one full time job. I don’t want four more years of this I just don’t," the Lt. Governor added.

Although Ramsey will no longer be a state Senator following this November's election he will still retain his position as Lt. Governor until January of 2017, at which point he will hand over the gavel to whoever his caucus elects to succeed him.

"I’m very very content with this," he said.