Residents Address Short Term Rental Concerns To Council

Posted at 10:41 PM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 23:43:30-04

A number of residents living throughout Nashville are hoping for a regulation when it comes to short-term rental properties (STRPs) in the Metro area.

Noise, drunkenness and even nudity were some of the complaints about short-term rental properties from neighbors who say they're fed up with being next door to party houses.

On Wednesday, about 20 people provided examples to a metro council committee about how short-term rentals disrupt the unity of their neighborhoods.

The committee heard ongoing issues hoping to find possible solutions.

Permanent residents feel they no longer live in a place they originally moved to. They said they're losing a historic feel when strangers rent out homes weekly. 

Some of the concerns residents also addressed was the issue of STRPs moving in to residential areas.

"You can't unsee the guy puking in the yard in front of you with the 5-person bachelor party, you can't unsee the sex doll in the window, you can't unsee the people partying on the roof when it's not meant for partying, it's a roof," Jeff Miller said.

"But in recent years, the short-term rentals have creeped in one by one. I no longer recognize the cars that drive by because most of them, the majority of them are from out of state," Kim Sorensen said.

People wanted the council to pass Bill 608 which addresses STRPs that are not owner occupied.

It would allow current permit holders to renew their permits through 2019, but would set a phase out date for permits in 2021.

"One lady woke up to a bunch of noise in her yard and there was someone throwing up in her rosebed about 6 months ago. So I ask you to pass this, we need help," Sam McCullough said.

The committee plans to meet again on September 6th.