Residents SeekTo Revise Rental Ordinance

Posted at 11:09 PM, Jan 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 00:13:46-05

Forest Hills residents have asked commissioners to revise an ordinance that keeps them from renting out their homes on sites like Air BNB.

The issue was discussed at tonight's Board of Commissioners meeting Thursday night.

“I can understand how they would go out and being doing a business and not realize it was prohibited, part of this was to handle housekeeping and bring this to their attention,” said Forest Hills Mayor, John Lovell.

Since the city is completely residential, a zoning ordinance prohibits short-term rentals.

However, multiple residents asked commissioners to revise the measure. Bett Pilling has been renting out rooms in her home through Air BNB for the last two and a half years.

She said it has given people a chance to stay in the scenic neighborhood, and can provide a financial benefit to homeowners.

She hoped residents and the city could find a compromise on the issue.

“I really thing it needs discussion.  I think there aren't a lot of people doing it in forest hills, it won’t disturb the neighborhood, I think we need more time to determine if it is something they want to abolish,” said Piling.

Commissioners voted Thursday to keep the ordinance "as is" but it was set to be debated again at the next meeting in February before anything is finalized.