Residents Worried About 'AirBnB Complex'

Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 15, 2016

A proposed apartment complex in downtown Nashville has created controversy after developers announced plans to use the units solely for the purpose of AirBnB rentals.

The property at 712 Fourth Avenue North is an unpaved surfaced lot leased on a month to month basis by NewsChannel 5 for employees to use as parking.

Owner Angelo Formosa has partnered with Kristin Hostettler and Bill Hostettler to turn the piece of land into a 12 unit, three story apartment complex.

Residents who live next to the property said they were concerned that it would be only for short term rental use.

"It essentially puts a hotel right next door when we’re living out lives. If they were gonna build something I prefer it to be residential," said Mark Hagood whose home sits on the same block.

The Metro Development and Housing Agency has begun reviewing the plan. To view the full plan, click here.

"If this is operating in a way that resembles a hotel are they gonna be permitted appropriately in a way the city can collect those revenues?" said Metro City Councilman Freddie O’Connell.

O'Connell said he has received complaints from constituents worried that an AirBnB facility would alter the fabric of their neighborhood. 

"These folks aren’t neighbors and they aren’t being neighborly. They contributing to noise and trash they’re detracting from quality of life that has nothing to do with the fabric of the neighborhood that existed previously."

As for a timeline, groundbreaking on this project likely won't be anytime soon.