Respite Coalition Gives Relief To Caretakers

Posted: 8:19 PM, Nov 17, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-18 02:20:16Z

As baby boomers get older, many need around the clock care for illnesses or age related problems. 
Often times, that care is provided by spouses or relatives. It can be physically and mentally challenging -- leading to what's known as "caregiver syndrome".

A free program can help them and all they have to do is pick up the phone.

It started with their vows 57 years ago, and Rosemary Fox is honoring her commitment to her husband.

"I was not aware of the responsibilities that it takes to be a caregiver because its almost like it was when your children are born," said Fox. 

Ralph Fox has suffered with COPD and Congenative Heart Failure for four years and Rosemary cares for him 24/7.

"I can usually manage it, but I just simply need a break from time to time 42," she said.

Rosemary now has time to read a book or go to the grocery. Eva Bowman comes to the house eight hours a week. She's a volunteer companion thru The Respite Coalition .

"I bond with me as much back as im giving cause it gives me purpose to get up in the mornings," said Bowman

The program is free. It's funded through a federal grant. The only problem is people don't know about it.

"You just have to call. I can do the application on the phone and we do a home assessment."

Ralph knows what the breaks have meant to his wife and he enjoys the company.

"I'm very grateful for it because when I go to the YMCA and come back and Eve is still here, I'm like me again," she said.

All rosemary had to do was make a call to sign up. It's that easy.