Reward In Clarksville Unsolved Cases Increases To $5,000

Posted at 7:34 PM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 20:34:05-04

Solving crime isn't easy, in fact police often call on the community to help with tips. Police are hoping $5,000 in reward money will convince more people to spill the beans.

"People do things for their own reasons, some people do things because it's the right thing to do," said Jim Knoll, Clarksville Police, Public Information Officer.

Other people give police tips because there's cash up for grabs. But whatever your reasoning is, Clarksville Police are hoping an increase in reward money, will help people report someone who may be connected to a crime.

"If it leads to an arrest, a person can actually receive money and it's upped the amount of money that's available," said Knoll.

Anyone who contacts crime stoppers can now receive up to $5,000 if your tip helps put a suspect behind bars. It's all apart of the Cold Case and Heinous Crime Initiative.

"I think what it can do, is it definitely ups the ante. You've got some people who are on the fence, to decide whether they want to give information or not.You push a little more money at them, sometimes it will make them jump over that fence," said Knoll.

The increase in reward money is being made possible by Clarksville business owners. Crime Stoppers will continue to contribute $1,000 in reward money, and local businesses will donate the additional $4,000 when an arrest is made in connection to a crime.

"Some of these organizations that are supporting this, are very active in the local community. They're doing it for the right reason," said Knoll.

If you know of an unsolved crime, and who may be responsible, you can leave an anonymous tip online, or by calling the TIPSLINE at 931-645-TIPS.

F&M Bank, Morgan Contractors Inc, and Lamar Advertising were the first businesses to support the new program.