Roads Remain Icy, Treacherous Through Weekend

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jan 23, 2016

Main roads and secondary streets remain slick and dangerous across much of Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.

Officials with the Tennessee Department of Transportation said they were able to make a lot of progress clearing the roads due to their road treatment combined with sunlight Saturday.

They added the interstates were in good shape throughout Middle Tennessee, but advised motorists to continue to drive carefully as icy spots could still be found occasionally.

Some secondary TDOT routes had work done Saturday, including Nolensville Road, Lebanon Road, Ellington Parkway, Whites Creek Pike, and Clarksville Highway.

Officials said the biggest concern for Saturday night was black ice as temperatures drop and water refreezes on the roadways. Crews were set to monitor these trouble spots, but those with TDOT said many of their plow and salt truck drivers would be getting much needed rest.

TDOT representatives said they expected Sunday to bring more road work as they prepared to get routes in good shape for Monday morning.

Potholes have been expected to form over the next few weeks. Officials said anyone who has noticed a pothole can report it by calling 615-350-4300. 

Help trucks were working Saturday to move several abandoned vehicles that had to be cleared off the interstates.

There was also still a “good bit of work to do” on I-65 near the Tennessee/Kentucky border.



Crews were working on secondary streets in the more rural areas outside of Davidson County.

Nashville Mayor Megan Berry said the focus in the metro area was also the main thoroughfares.

“Plows (are) working on the primary streets, and the secondary streets - we're getting to them as soon as we possibly can,” Berry said at a media briefing Saturday morning.

Berry said Metro employees have been working diligently for the last 24 hours, including police officers, firefighters, EMS crews, public works employees, fleet service workers and social service workers.

She also credited OEM volunteers who have worked tireless hours.

Mark Macey from Metro Public Works said 19 snowplows were actively clearing the roads. Another 10 plows were under repair. He said four plows went into ditches overnight as they tried to move out of the way of oncoming passenger vehicles.

“If you do see a snow plow out, please give it room. That's probably going to help us the most. By getting out of the way. Give those snow plows the right of way,” said Macey.

Crews have put out 1200 tons of salt over 4,000 miles in Nashville since Thursday. There were still another 6,500 tons of salt available.

“This right here is a little bit worse than what it was a while back because we got a little bit more ice and snow piled on top of it, so it made it a little ice layer under the bottom then the snow on top so it made it a little more slippery,” said Brandon Hancock, a stranded driver.

Nine warming stations were active across Davidson County. Anyone who needs assistance or information about the closest available facility should call the 24-hour community hotline at 615-862-8750.

Help can also be found at one of the Metro public libraries.

Around 153 people were housed at the Farmer’s Market Friday night. It was closed Saturday, but if availability is not available at Room at the Inn, beds and accommodations were still available at Farmer’s Market to those who might need it.

Berry said there were no known weather-related fatalities in the city.
Power was out Saturday morning for around 500 NES customers. Anyone who comes across downed power lines has been advised not to approach.

Officials were also concerned about the roadways on Sunday.

“Temperatures tonight are expected to still be dangerously cold. We're expecting a temperature of 12 degrees. Because of that, we're still conducting cold patrols out there. We're looking for folks who might need assistance,” said Berry.

Those at Nashville International Airport said there were still some cancelations and delays.

Officials with BNA said travelers needed to check with their airline early and often because it's not just bad Nashville weather they have to worry about, but also the bad weather that's hit other parts of the country.

Representatives with Nashville MTA buses said they were continuing to operate modified snow route detours only on five major corridors until 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

They added those same modified snow routes were scheduled to resume at 6:15 a.m. Sunday.

The following routes were included:

  • 3 West End/White Bridge
  • 10 Charlotte (no service past White Bridge)
  • 12 Nolensville Pike (no service past Harding)
  • 15 Murfreesboro Pike
  • 26 Gallatin Pike

Supervisors said roadway conditions would be evaluated later Sunday to determine whether other bus routes will resume service.