Rutherford County Deputies Crack Down On Speeding

Posted at 5:09 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 19:45:07-04

Rutherford County deputies issued 130 speed warnings to drivers along Elam Road over the last two weeks as part of increased enforcement efforts following a complaint.

The department said next week, deputies will issue violators citations instead of warnings.

"Speeding is one of the leading contributing factors of serious injuries and fatalities and can easily be prevented," said Patrol Cpl. Mark Mack in a statement on the department's Facebook page.

The Rutherford County Sheriff's Department would not speak about other safety issues along Elam Road, but neighbors said several other factors likely contribute to speeding there.

One neighbor said he often sees drivers texting, another said dozens of new housing units have increased traffic on a road not designed for continued growth.

"Since the addition of these houses and condos, traffic as appreciably picked up," said Lee Harris, whose mother-in-law's home sits along Elam Road. "Before the high density, it was a back road so speed was not a concern, but now it is."

Elam Road begins at Joe B. Jackson Parkway, near Interstate 24 about three miles outside of Murfreesboro. 

Thirty three people have died in Rutherford County so far this year as a result of traffic crashes - an increase from 25 traffic fatalities in 2015.