Safer Water Treatment Implemented At Treatment Plant

Posted at 4:35 PM, Jun 17, 2016

A new method of treating water has been implemented at the water treatment plant in Gallatin on the bank of the Cumberland River off Highway 109.

Officials said the treatment update was expected to reduce dangers for workers and residents who live nearby associated with chlorine gas.

“This was cutting-edge technology in the industry for decades, but with this new equipment we’re eliminating the risks to our employees and the community from an accidental discharge or even the unthinkable act of terrorism,” said Public Utilities Superintendent David Gregory.

A new process of adding chlorine was implemented in March of 2016. Liquid chlorine is produced on-site in a chemical process called electrolysis where direct electrical current is sent through salt water.

The resulting solution is a very low concentration of bleach making it easily contained, harmless if spilled, and without dangerous vapors.

The change did not affect the water quality, but instead of a potentially hazardous gas a liquid is used in the process.

The plant has been treating water since 1964.