Sanctuary City-Like Ordinance Advanced By Metro Council

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 05:45:33-04

Nashville Metro Council members overwhelmingly voted to advance a sanctuary city-like ordinance.

The ordinance states that Metro Government cannot use funding, resources, or facilities to assist in immigration enforcement. Likewise, Metro cannot even inquire or request information about citizenship status.

The bill does give allowances for any portion of it that contradicts federal or state law or a court order.

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It was introduced by council members Bob Mendes, Colby Sledge and a handful of others.

Before it was voted on for its second reading, several council members stood up to voice their opinions about the matter.

"Any policy that invokes a feeling of sanctuary city status does nothing except create a criminal class that is treated better than the citizens who have elected all of us," said Councilman Robert Swope

"You are wrong, we are human beings and right now our brothers and sisters are hurting and I apologize for looking into the crowd but people are scared," said Councilman Scott Davis.

A motion to defer this ordinance failed and in the end the metro council overwhelmingly voted to pass it on second reading.

Before the vote, Congressman Diane Black released the following statement about the ordinance:

"First and foremost, as a mother and a grandmother, I implore the council members to start holding illegal immigrants accountable for crime and acts of violence.  Sanctuary city policies to help and support criminal illegal immigrants pose a direct threat to our citizens and undermine the rule of law.  In Congress, I'm working with my colleagues to pass the Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act to cut off funding for any municipality that helps illegal immigrants hide from the law.  It's time for Mayor Barry to stop borrowing liberal policies from California and New York and start putting the safety and security of Tennessee families first,” said Congressman Diane Black.

The ordinance will have its third and final vote next month.