Scammer Targets Grandparents Of Inmate Out Of Thousands

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 07:29:15-04

An elderly couple was scammed in Davidson County after someone posed as their grandson, claiming he’d been arrested and needed bond money. 

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall is warning the public to be aware of these scams, and if you're not careful, you could be out thousands. 

When you hear from the grandparents who thought they were getting a call from their grandson at the Davidson County jail you're going to get angry. 

The suspects who targeted them knew exactly what to say to get their money.  

"Fast and furious. They blitz ... they don't give you time to think," said one of the victims.  

The elderly Hermitage couple asked NewsChannel 5 not to show their faces, but they want to share their story.

"They hit you where it hurts."  

Crooks hit in their heart because of their love for their grandson – and in their pocketbook, where they are now out $6,000. 

"We have a person imitating our grandson... and he spoke softly and indistinctly." 

The caller -- posing as the grandson -- told them he was in the Davidson County Jail on a hit-and run-charge. Then he put his supposed lawyer on the line. 

"He said I'm going into court... I'll let you talk to my lawyer and he said bond is set at X-number of dollars and we need that in 15 minutes."  

They were told to get gift cards for cash and then to call in the numbers from those card to the lawyer for the bond. They did it.  

"I called my grandson and asked how you doing? He said ‘what are you talking about.’ I said ‘Oh dear.’" 

Here's the thing:  They are embarrassed, but Sheriff Daron Hall says they shouldn't be. The scammers are slick and he knows of other victims -- smart people just blinded by concern over a loved one. 

You just need to double check any call asking for money. The scam artists are rarely caught, but this case may be the exception. 

Police have used the numbers from the gift cards to track where they were used in other states to buy merchandise. 

There is now surveillance video of the suspects and arrests could be pending.