School Safety Prioritized In New WCS Building

Posted at 9:09 PM, Mar 20, 2018

Improving school safety has been a priority for Wilson County officials, and the new board of education building in Lebanon is the latest example.

Jennifer Johnson of Wilson County School showed NewsChannel 5 a room in the central office that would act as a command center in case of emergencies like a school shooting.

"We'll have a full time member of the sheriff's department who would be able to pull up the cameras inside the schools if something were to happen and monitor the activity," said Johnson. "I think about what we can do to avoid school shootings, and we do have things in place to at least give law enforcement an extra set of tools to work with."

The room also has several scanners that tune in to several agencies including the police department and Tennessee Highway Patrol. 

Last week, the Wilson County Sheriff's Office created a "Concerned Citizens Report", along with a database to help track and manage all future incident reports. An SRO supervisor would receive a text message or email every time a report is entered into the system. 

"If we have a students someone has complained about 8, 9 or 10 different times, we'll know there is something more to it or more investigation needs to be done at least," added Johnson. 

A School Safety Committee, made up of teachers, parents, Youth Services staff, and the District Attorney's office, also launched. 

The central office had a grand opening on Sunday after undergoing a $20 million renovation to transform the old Lebanon High School. 

Employees would have to use a key to scan a pad before entering through several doors in the building.