School Threats Draining Law Enforcement Resources

Posted at 8:57 PM, Feb 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-02 21:57:01-05

Just days after a school shooting in Kentucky, more mid-state schools have received multiple threats. In response, law enforcement has asked parents to step in so that they're children don't wind up in juvenile court.

So far, Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies along with Clarksville police have responded to three threats this week. Northwest, Northeast, and West Creek High Schools were all targeted, and each threat was investigated.

Now law enforcement is calling on parents to get involved.

"Look and see what they're doing who their with who they're communicating with, what possessions do they have. Those are important factors," said Lt. Clifton Smith, Montgomery County Sheriff's office.

Thankfully, all three threats were not credible. But, Lt. Smith says because they have to take each threat seriously, it really drains their resources.

"We had officers out last night working until 10 o'clock just following up on other information that was not credible, and that's a big drain. This morning, we had officers out here at 6:30," said Lt. Smith.

If there is evidence that links a student to the threat, their case is moved to juvenile court. Now law enforcement is hoping parents get involved in the team effort.

"The school system does a great job helping us, so it's a team effort," said Lt. Smith.

No students have been charged in the threats.

Friday morning administration at Bryant Middle school in Lebanon sent students home as a precaution, after a threat was made in Wilson County.