Search Efforts Continue For Joe Clyde Daniels

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jun 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-02 20:08:04-04

After the father of a five-year-old boy allegedly admitted to killing his own autistic son, there has been no sign of Joe Clyde Daniels' body.

It's been more than eight weeks since anyone has seen the five-year-old.

No one has seen the blond-haired little boy with the infectious smile, and as volunteers search for his body, they're aware that he won't look the same.

"You can never be prepared for it. Never," said Ed Kriska, Tri-SAR Association search manager.

Tri-Sar is based out of St. Louis, and it's just one of three groups that came down to Dickson to help search the woods.

"It's slow, it's a slow process at this point in time. We're using the cadaver dogs. They can cover a whole lot more ground than we can," said Kriska.

As the day gets hotter, it's not an easy task searching through the rough terrain.

"Snakes, critters out there, holes. Whatever else is out there. There's vines, sticks, logs," said Kriska.

Not only are crews searching through remote areas, but as the weeks add up, that only makes the search that much harder.

"It's been eight weeks. It's going to be tough for anybody to find anything at this point in time. We don't have any clue where the body's been placed, so it's a crapshoot for us," said Kriska.

Volunteers are holding on to hope that something may show up, and then, just maybe, Joe Clyde Daniels can come back home, bringing some peace and closure to the community.

"You've got a family that's grieving, our job's to bring closure. Good or bad, our job's to bring closure," said Kriska.

Crews will continue to search remote areas of Dickson on Sunday if no clues are found on Saturday.