Security Cameras Capture Video Of Mass Shooting At Waffle House

Posted at 4:32 PM, Apr 26, 2018

All Waffle House restaurants use security cameras, meaning the deadly shooting at an Antioch Waffle House was all caught on camera.

The devastating, graphic video is now a key piece of evidence, and may play a key role in deciding whether or not prosecutors seek the death penalty against the suspect.

Law enforcement knows that security cameras are standard at at every Waffle House - inside and out - high-tech, quality lenses, and they do not miss a thing.

To this point, we've heard from survivors about what happened when they said Travis Reinking went into the Waffle House in Antioch and started shooting. But hearing what happened and actually seeing it are two completely different things.

"Whenever you have a video it helps explain what happened," said legal expert attorney Jim Todd.

And there is graphic video of the shooting that killed four and injured four others.

A top Waffle House official told Newschannel 5 the video is very hard to watch. It shows everything including James Shaw Jr. heroically disarming the gunman. Legal expert Jim Todd said the video could influence whether or not Reinking uses the insanity defense as most think he will.

"Insanity is where the person has a mental disease and does not appreciate if what he is doing is wrong," said Todd. 

Reinking asked for a lawyer immediately after his arrest, indicating he knows he's in trouble.

"The video could help the defense if it shows a person who is delusional. It helps the prosecution if it shows a person who is rational with motive and intent," said Todd.

For now, the security camera video remains locked up as evidence,but it's sure to surface in court if and when this case goes to trial.

It is possible some of the security video could be played when Travis Reinking goes before a judge Monday for a preliminary hearing.