Senator Bob Corker Visits Nashville

Posted at 8:05 PM, Mar 21, 2016

Senator Bob Corker visited Nashville Monday, and commented on multiple topics ranging from this year’s political race to the President’s trip to Cuba.

Corker said understood why voters have become angry this political season.

“I think there's certainly been an awakening that look people in Washington aren't doing their jobs, I couldn't agree more,” he said.

Although he hasn't endorsed a candidate, the Senator has been critical of the establishment's reactions to candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. 

After Trump's Super Tuesday win, he said the GOP should focus more on why voters are angry, instead of how to stop his candidacy.

During a two-week swing through the volunteer state, Corker said he expected to hear some of the same concerns that are fueling the presidential race.

“People are just concerned, they're concerned for their future, even though Middle Tennessee. There's still a concern about the future,” he said.

Corker went on to say that a few more things need to take place before the embargo on Cuba’s economy can be lifted.

“People need to see the Castro regime deal with human rights, democracy, private property, until they are able to demonstrate that I doubt Congress will move to deal with the embargo in a different way than it is now.”

Senator Corker planned to meet with voters in 17 communities over the next two weeks, including several stops here in the mid-state.