Service Dog For Little Boy With Autism Is Missing

Posted at 7:09 PM, Sep 13, 2018

How an extensively trained service dog has gone missing remains a mystery. The family believes someone may have taken the service dog from a 9-year-old boy with autism. 

A family pleading for help, after their service dog has gone missing.

Debi Zamora is still in shock after losing Chance just two days ago. Chance is a Bernese Mountain dog who has had extensive training to work with her son Ashton.

"If something happens and he gets overwhelmed, he'll try to run away from the situation. If he's with Chance, Chance will plant himself and Ashton wont be able to run. It's kind of hard to move a 100 pound dog," said Zamora.

The family is in the process of moving and Tuesday, someone left the fence open at their new Clarksville home.

When Debi came back the house Chance wasn't there.

"Somebody has to have him. Otherwise he'd be either at the new house, or at the old house," said Zamora.

The family has posted missing signs across Clarksville hoping there's a chance someone can bring him home.

"He just need to come home where he belongs. He needs to help his little boy. He needs to be home," said Zamora.

Chance was specially trained for year-and-a-half to work with the little boy, and responds to his name.

Call Debi Zamora at (931) 249-8118 or Lourdes at (607) 261-0525 is you know where the service dog may be located.