Services available for veterans in need

Posted at 2:50 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-12 19:42:10-05

Hundreds turned out to honor veterans during a parade in downtown Nashville and the event also served as a reminder that some veterans are needlessly suffering. They've served their country and now need help. 

For many that help is available, but the key is knowing where to look for it.

"The veterans are falling through the cracks because they don't know where to get the help," said Marlon Bounds, who knows the value of that help only too well. 

The Army veteran served in Iraq and lost his left leg in a service related injury.

"The VA did all my surgeries and took care of me. No complaints," said Mounds. 

Bounds was there, in the rain, for the Veterans Parade along Broadway to pay his respects to his fellow servicemen and women.

And he knows some of them need help.

"They don't think the VA can help because they've been hurt for so long," said Mounds. 

Terry Wilson is a Veterans Services Officer or VSO. 

"What a lot of veterans think is ‘I came back and all my pieces and parts are here… I'm good. I'm going to leave it for the next guy.’" 

Wilson said too many veterans pass or are unaware of what's available. 

Some don't know it, but could qualify for up to $2,900 in benefits.

"If we can help the quality of life or make a change for them then that's a big thing," said Wilson. 

He wants to remind veterans to contact their local VSO. They'll get free help to fill out the paperwork and in a matter of months, they can get additional help for everything from paying rent to counseling to medical care.

All it takes is the time to apply.  

There are veterans service officers in nearly every county in Tennessee. You can find yours by contacting the local American Legion post or the state's Veterans Services Office.