Shelbyville Residents Ask City Officials To Denounce Hate Groups

City Chooses Not To Do So

SHELBYVILLE, Tenn. - Shelbyville's City Council meeting lasted all of 30 minutes Thursday. Once adjourned, most of the folks in the room were left a bit bewildered. That's because most were there to speak in front of council members about their concerns regarding the White Live Matter rally later this month. However, they never got the chance.

"I would've just hoped those fears could've been addressed and the council would've listened to the people in town and what their concerns were," Standing Up for Racial Justice activist, Kimmy Garris said.

Shelbyville Steps Up Enforcement Ahead Of White Lives Matter Rally

Citizens came with a petition and their own resolution declaring the city rejects the values and ideology of white supremacist hate groups. However, the city council had it's own resolution and it passed unanimously.

"Its basically the same resolution, it was just written with a little different language," Wanda Campbell said.  

Campbell is a Shelbyville resident and is optimistic the coming rallies will bring understanding and not violence.

"The fears are there, yes, but I believe we can handle it," said Campbell. 

The resolution that was passed went on to say the city will use every resource to ensure the safety of the community and city employees.

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