Sheriff Robert Arnold Says From Jail He's Still In Charge

Posted at 9:26 PM, Oct 03, 2016

Even from jail, Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold said he's still in charge, and insisted he will not resign.

Arnold remained in federal custody, but said he's still running the jail, and planned to continue collecting his paycheck from behind bars.

He's been in federal custody in Kentucky since last week. Arnold had been free awaiting trial scheduled for early next year on corruption charges.

A judge revoked his pre-trial release in light of recent domestic abuse allegations. Many, including the Rutherford County District Attorney, figured this might force Arnold off the job.

"At this point if the sheriff is detained until his trial in February I don't think it will be possible for the sheriff to execute the duties of his office," said General Jennings Jones last week. 

Yet, in a phone call from his jail cell, Arnold told Newschannel5's Nick Beres:  "I'm still in charge."

He said he's in daily contact with his staff at the Rutherford County jail and is doing his job.

In another exclusive interview, his wife Megan said there's been a rush to judgment about her husband.

"I guess I get a lot of comments from people...just social media comments and a lot of people who just don't know the real truth," said Megan Arnold last week.

Arnold and his lawyer are appealing the judge's decision to revoke his pre-trial release, but he insisted he has no intention of resigning. He said that he can continue to support his family, collecting a paycheck even while incarcerated.

A group of citizens have filed an ouster suit to have Arnold officially removed from office, but that could take weeks even months.

So some think it appears Arnold will remain behind bars and sheriff for the foreseeable future. Robert Arnold earns $127,000 a year as the Rutherford County Sheriff.