Sheriff Speaks Out After Coffee County Shooting

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 10:56:48-04

Coffee County Sheriff Steve Graves described the shooting in which two of his deputies were injured as a nightmare.

On Monday, an inmate attempted to escape, but his run ended with two sheriff's deputies in the hospital and the inmate dead.

The public has asked for answers, but there's only so much that the sheriff's office can do.

"We're struggling I mean, as far as being sheriff, this is a nightmare that you hope you never have to go through," said Sherrif Graves.

It was nightmare that the small Manchester community was just waking up from. The doors of the Justice Center re-opened Wednesday, but it was closed after an escaped inmate shot two deputies on the way out.

"They're doing good. They're both going to have a lengthy recovery," said Sheriff Graves.
Coffee County Sheriff Graves says the town is also recovering with those two deputies, 71-year-old Wade Bassett and 56-year-old Wendell Bowen.
It was a situation that shocked Coffee County, but Sheriff Graves said there's not much law enforcement can do to prevent a planned attack.
"If someone is that intent on attacking an officer they're going to get attacked," said Sheriff Graves.
The Sheriff's office was in the process of setting up new security cameras, but that's a much as the county can do with its limited resources.
"We discussed things that we can do better, things we are doing, we just have limit resources," he said.
Though the resources were limited, there was no limit on the out pouring of support.
"I couldn't ask for anymore outpouring of support. The community support has been great," said Sheriff Graves.