Two charged after deadly shooting outside of taco shop

Posted at 4:55 PM, Sep 09, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A woman was killed and two others were injured after a shooting in the parking lot of Oscar's Taco Shop on Fesslers Lane around 3 p.m. Friday.

The woman killed in this shooting has been identified as 19-year-old Destinee Jnobaptiste, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

An Infiniti Sedan and a Nissan Rogue SUV pulled into the lot and backed into spots behind the restaurant. People in the two different vehicles got out and started talking. Gunshots were heard soon after.

Metro Police charged Dyquan Poole, 19, and Omarian Arrington, 17, with criminal homicide and two counts of criminal homicide following the incident.

Dyquan Poole
Dyquan Poole
Omarian Arrington
Omarian Arrington

Police identified Dillon Bird, 21, and Juan Davalia-Hugarte, 18, as the two other occupants of the Infiniti who were critically wounded in the exchange.

Surveillance footage from the scene assisted Metro Nashville Police in assessing what happened.

"From the surveillance video, we can see that the female who is deceased actually got out of the Nissan Rogue and got into the back seat of the Infiniti, and was in the backseat of the Infiniti when the gunfire started," said MNPD spokesperson Don Aaron.

fesslers lane shooting

Oscar's Tacos is reported to be uninvolved with the crime — the parking lot happened to have been chosen as a meeting spot by those involved.

The Nissan Rogue drove away from the scene and crashed at the intersection of Fesslers Lane and Lebanon Road. One person from the scene of the crash was taken into custody. Jaylen Floyd, 19, is charged with evidence tampering after being identified fleeing from the Rogue with a gun. Police recovered the gun.

Jaylen Floyd, Oscars Taco shooting

When the Rogue attempted to escape, police said it was stopped by two trucks that wedged together to make sure it was unable to flee.

"I also need to say that we are very grateful to the two truck drivers down at Lebanon Pike and Fesslers Lane, who, as this vehicle tried to wedge itself in between them to flee — they kind of moved in on that vehicle and stopped it from fleeing — immobilized the Rogue, if you will. And it was their efforts that helped us further the investigation, to where we are at this point and have those four persons in custody. A very great job by those two citizens," Aaron said.

The passengers of the Infiniti tried to run away but all were caught by responding Hermitage Precinct officers.

The motives for the gunfire are still unknown. Poole's bond is set at $350,000 and Arrington was taken into custody at a juvenile detention.

Four guns were recovered from the Infiniti and one was found on the floorboard of the Rogue.