Shopper, Employees Stop Walgreens Robber

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 17:50:58-05

Walgreens employees and a shopper stopped a man from robbing the pharmacy in Belle Meade by tripping him and holding him on the ground.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said a man walked into the store on Harding place and demanded pills from the pharmacy in a note.

The pharmacists gave him the pills, but as the suspect went to leave he was tripped by a shopper nearby.

Police said the shopper and other employees then kept him on the ground until officers arrived.

Investigators said the suspect was not armed, and no one was injured during the incident.

Once at the police station, the suspect admitted to the robbery, and was charged with aggravated robbery.