On The Rise: Small Businesses Thriving In Growing Hermitage

Posted: 8:03 PM, Nov 21, 2017
Updated: 2018-12-19 11:33:22-05

Middle Tennessee is seeing growth throughout nearly every neighborhood, and local businesses are taking advantage of that growth in Hermitage by opening new, small businesses. 

"We just thought it was a community that was underserved and (we) could definitely be appreciated out here," Seth Yeargan, co-owner and chef at Nadeen's Hermitage Haven, said. 

Nadeen's opened in September and has had a lot of early success, with first time customers becoming regulars. 

"We've not met a bad dish yet, it's all good," Mike Warner, a regular at the restaurant said. "I call it the new 'Cheers' of Donelson-Hermitage, Nadeen's is a terrific restaurant." 

The owners were looking for a spot to open a new restaurant and originally looked at trendy neighborhoods like East Nashville and The Nations, but landed in Hermitage.

“I think this area has loads of potential and I think it’s only going to be further realized," Yeargan said. "You’re seeing a lot of good, working class, salt of the earth middle class families that are still making a life for themselves out here and I think it’s going to continue to grow.” 

Customers have responded to the local, family owned atmosphere of Nadeen's and have returned in droves. 

"We can't get near the place on Saturday now, that's how much it's taken off," Warner said. 

Yeargan added that the growth the restaurant had was more than they were expecting, but they're not complaining. "The response has been great, honestly. Tons of support, at times, it's almost like, 'oh my gosh, this might be too much support,' because we're running out of food and stuff." 

Other local businesses are hoping they can join the movement, with many small businesses under construction and coming to Hermitage in the near future. 

Regardless of what pops up around Nadeen's, those at the restaurant will continue to aim to be a place where locals can go, hang out with new friends, and enjoy good food that is helping bring a community together. 

"We're just out here trying to be a good place in the neighborhood and trying to be here and just be a part of the community," Yeargan said. 

Nadeen's Hermitage Haven is open Tuesday through Sunday, and they plan to introduce specials for every night of the week, including a Taco Tuesday.