Smashville Moves On After Playoffs Loss

Posted: 5:45 PM, May 11, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-11 23:22:42Z
Smashville Moves On After Playoffs Loss

The disappointment after the Predators' game 7 loss to the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday was felt by all Predators fans in Nashville on Friday.

There were so many expectations for the team that set records and won the Presidents' Trophy, that anything short of the Stanley Cup Final would have been a disappointment for many fans.

However, on Friday, many looked back on a great season, tried to remember to good parts, and worked to get over the loss. 

“That’s why we’re here, ya know? Fresh start," Chris Williams, a Predators fan who was at Thursday's game said. “You know, it was a good time, it was just disappointing that nothing worked. Nothing at all.”

Williams joined many others in growing a playoff beard, not shaving as long as the Predators remained in contention for the Stanley Cup, but on Friday, it was time for him to shave the beard.

He, along with many others, went to Monty's Barber Shop to get rid of the beard and talk hockey. 

“I loved everything about this season, we hit it hard, set a lot of records, Presidents Trophy, all that kind of stuff," Williams said, adding that he thinks the team may have peaked too early. "But we did well and all those same pieces plus a few more are gonna be there (next year).”

Once the shave was done, Williams said he was ready to take a break from the hockey craze and get back to normal life for a while. 

“I’m gonna kind of get the hockey fog out of my head for a little while and just kind of let the hangover dissipate."

At Bridgestone Arena, crews worked to clean up from the night before, which included loading up the compacted Smash Car, as well as loading up the Smash Jet and taking it to be compacted. 

For now, everyone hopes that the Predators will come back next year even stronger than they were this year and continue to make history year-in and year-out.