Snake Removal Calls Increase During Summer Months

Posted at 11:01 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-15 00:22:50-04

A local wildlife removal company said removing snakes from inside of your home can happen any time of the year especially during the hot summer days.

Ryan Hall owns Animal Pros in Hendersonville. He said when snakes come near your home, they generally look for food.

"Whether it's little rodents, a bird or even a squirrel, a snake will instinctively be going after food and especially right now," Hall said.

His company takes snake calls all year round but have experienced about 30 calls a day this time of year.

The most common snake found in our area is the Gray Rat snake which are excellent climbers. Snake removal companies will remove all kinds of snakes from your gutter to even your toilet.

"That's the horror story that homeowners really dread to hear," Hall said.

Snakes generally slither into foundation openings. Hall says it helps to buy proper ventilation covers. 

"Soil vent caps, that totally takes care of that. Where the pipe can still vent but nothing can get down it," he said.

Taking the time to use these can help prevent unwelcome guests from coming into your home.

They're not just in homes. Snakes have been spotted all over the region, including pools and lakes.

Viewer Sonya Randolph spotted this snake in Center Hill Lake. It's just one of many that are causing swimmers to think twice before jumping in.

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For more on home snake removal, visit the Animal Pros website, and for more on how to protect yourself from snakes in the wild or to notify officials of snakes in a particular area, contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.