Snakes Shelter In Middle TN Homes

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-01 20:18:38-04

When the weather gets hot, the snakes come out, and sometimes they find themselves into peoples' homes. 

April through July is when snakes are most active in Tennessee, due to there being so many critters outside and due to it being mating season for the snakes.

Most snakes will stay outdoors, some in high grass, others finding their place in trees or wooded areas, but at the day, snakes go where they can find food.

"If I get bit, it won't be the first time," Ben Mounsey of Trapper Jack Wildlife Specialist, said on Wednesday. 

Mounsey has been capturing snakes and other critters for about 10 years, and he said that every summer, he wrangles up more than 20 snakes.

"Odds are, you're jus afraid of that snake as that snake is afraid of you," Mounsey said, adding that most of the calls he gets are for venomous snakes, even though a very small percentage of snakes that bother people are actually venomous.

The snakes can find their way into homes through small cracks, open doors, or even vents in the home, as they are great climbers. Once in the home, the snakes generally search for food in crawl spaces, such as mice or birds. 

The best way to get rid of a snake is to call a wildlife expert who can remove the snake safely.

To tell if a snake is venomous, Mounsey suggests looking at the eyes and the head of the snake, explaining that venomous snakes have diamond-shaped heads, and their eyes are usually much more narrow compared to the round-eyed non-venomous snakes. 

Snakes are known to constantly move, so chances are if you see a snake around your home, if you leave and come back, the snake will have likely left the area.