Songs Against Slavery Launches New October Campaign

Nashville - A Nashville non-profit, known for their benefit concerts, is launching a new campaign. 

Songs Against Slavery takes the subject of sex trafficking and puts it front and center.  

"We work with musicians and we put on benefit concerts around the U.S. to fight sex trafficking," said Lauren Lancaster, co-founder, Songs Against Slavery.  

The organization is the brain-child of Grace Theisen and Lauren Lancaster. They started the non-profit as freshmen in college and have since organized more than 30 benefit concerts in five states to help raise awareness and money.   

"A lot of people don't really want to go to an event that's just going to be about sex trafficking but anybody will go to a concert," she said. 

Now they are starting a new kind of campaign.

"Our newest endeavor is called 'Step Into Their Shoes' and it's a nationwide fundraising campaign. It's totally different from anything that we've ever done. This is not a concert," she said. 

They are being asked to walk 50,000 steps during the week of October. Their goal is to raise $50,000 for their partner, Thistle Farms, a non-profit that provides housing and jobs for women coming off the streets from addiction, prostitution and trafficking and said they know the people of Nashville will step up. 

To register and sign-up for the campaign, click here

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