South Nashville Construction Debris Push Drivers To Automotive Shops

Posted at 7:25 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 22:26:20-04

In south Nashville, the Melrose area is booming. In less than a mile stretch you'll find several big construction projects underway. It has forced a lot of drivers to visit the nearest tire repair shop.

"This small right here is big enough to punch your tire," explained Tim Kelly. 

Kelly is a mechanic at Polly's Service Center nearby. Recently, the number of tire repairs have spiked. 

"Monday, yesterday we were swamped. The whole parking lot was covered with cars and Kenny and I and everybody here was trying to fix tires so we had room for people to park cars and get service," Kelly said. 

On average, they do about 7 tire repairs a day. They have found everything from nails, screws to razor blades embedded in tires, most likely he said from construction sites.

"If you didn't have all this construction going on, you'd see occasionally somebody might run over something in a parking lot. Now these trucks hit a bump, they have stuff in them, they get thrown out of the truck," said Kelly. 

News Channel 5 wanted to know who regulates construction sites. According to Berry Hill City Manager Joe Baker the builders and contractors are responsible for cleaning their own sites but the city will check on them if a number of complaints are filed.

In most cases street sweepers are used to clean the streets but as one sweeper told us off camera, "just look at the amount of construction happening now."

"We pulled a pair of wire pliers out of one tire one day, I'll never know how it managed to get in there but the whole pair of pliers got inside the tire."

It may be a growing pain for drivers, but it's a business boom for tire shops.